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What AI would it take to Supercharge your business?

What AI would it take to Supercharge your business?

We are Odoo​ Certified

Now offering Odoo 1​7 with our 'Precision AI' for all businesses. 

With Odoo 17 being faster than ever, with in-built GPT, and providing the latest in UI technologies, make the switch today to enhance your business.

We were the first company to achieve Odoo 16 certification in both Australia and Vietnam.

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From Start-Ups to Global Giants – We Power Growth at All Scales

With supercharged AI, we have helped businesses from start-ups building their first website to multi-nationals constructing their next manufacturing plant.

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Letterfy Website
Kreenuts Website
CandyBar Syndey Website
Carezza-Design Website
TripLogic Website
America Indochina Management (AIM) Website

Our story through Industries Served

In 2023 Let us serve your industry

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Retail and Restaurants

Developed an easy out-of-the box option for smaller businesses

Food (Chocolate) Production
Retail and Wholesale FMCG
Furniture Manufacturing

Centralised operations to Vietnam.

Fashion Industry and Clothes Production
Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing
Automotive and small parts manufacturing
Logistics and Freight Forwarding
Travel Industry
Education Sector
Field Servicing

Developed a Field Servicing application within Odoo.

Industrial Chemical Solutions

Developed a specialised system for a cleaning solutions company.

Energy, Oil and Gas

Started serving the energy sector focusing on Oil and Gas projects

Construction Management

Commenced our first Odoo implementation


Established Office in Hong Kong.

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